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First name:            Igor

Surname:              Jogan

Date of birth:         11/13/1946

Place of birth:        Trieste (Italy)

Nationality:             Italian

Position:               until December 2007 Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice Department of Planning) and at the University of Venice (Department of Environmental Sciences). From January 2008 Private Consultant on matters specified in the section Skills of this web site.




1971 -  Graduate Degree in Architecture (dottore), Istituto Universitario di Architettura Venezia, Italy.

1972  -  Postgraduate course in Geography and Planning at University Institute of European   Studies, Torino, Italy.

1973  -  Master course in Urban & Regional Planning, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.



Teaching appointments:

1990-2007  Lecturer at IUAV, School of Urban Planning, graduate course in “Urban and territorial analysis with Gis)

2005-2007   Tutor at PHD Programme in GIS, IUAV, Department of Planning

2003-2004   Lecturer at Master in Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

2002-2003   Lecturer at Master in Renewable Resources Management

2001-2002   Lecturer at Master in Urban, Territorial an d Environmental Policy Evaluation

1993-2003   Lecturer at IUAV, Master Programme in Urban and Regional Planning for Developing Countries, course in “Urban planning techniques (Gis)”.

1994-1998   Lecturer at University of Venice, Environmental Studies, graduate course in “Urban and regional planning”.

1992-1994  Tutor of the PhD Italo-Nigerian programme in “Technology and environmental design” (University of Trieste and Ile-Ife).

1997&2000  Lecturer at Venice International University, graduate course in “Environmental analysis through digital media (Gis) ”

1993-1994   Lecturer at IUAV, School of Architecture, graduate course in “Urban geography”.




During the eighties his major research interest was devoted to planning techniques (first book published) and to territorial analyses (housing problems and housing needs) and the design and implementation of monitoring systems for urban and regional policy implementation (Housing, services, urban quality) some of them implemented at Veneto and Friuli Regions (Italy)  and at Municipality of Venice. In the same period he has produced research and published book on the issue of “ethnic territory” in Friuli region. In the nineties he has been concentrating on the development (theory and practice) of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in urban and environmental analysis and planning. In particular, at practical level, he was concerned with settlement analysis and urban browth modelling. At more theoretical level his research has gone through the recent debate on geographic information science in the rise of information society. Recent research projects in the field of Geographic Information Systems: GIS for settlement analysis in the metropolitan area of Venice (Ministry of Research, 1999 and IUAV, 1995), GIS in Italian urban planning theory and practice (IUAV, 1999), Monitoring GIS implementation in local government (Authority for Automation in Public Administration, 1998), High resolution images applied to urban planning (IUAV, 1997), Semantic Gis for Regional Cultural Heritage (2006). In last two years (2005-7) he has been involved in the Strategic Environmental Assessment studies and application within the framework of the EU programming.


Professional work:

At the beginning of his career he used to work mainly on housing policy issues (housing needs surveys and questionnaires, policy implementation techniques), while more recently he has concentrated on monitoring systems, data base design and territory analysis with GIS. His major appointments in the field of professional advice were: Assessment of the damages produced by the 1976 earthquake in the Friuli  (Italy) region on housing stock (1977), Housing needs analysis and Housing Regional Plan for Friuli Region (1978), Development Plan for Friuli Region (1980),  Study for the optimal location of the General Hospital in Versilia (Italy) region (1985), Information system for urban policies in Venice municipality (1987), Socio-economic Development Plan for the Mountain Community of Karst (northern Italy) Region (1988), Information system for sport’s utilities in Venice municipality (1988-91), Monitoring system for housing policies in Veneto Region (1991), Prototype implementation of a Geographic information system for the Municipality of Dolina-Italy (1995), University of Venice information system for building stock management and evaluation (1997), Veneto regional administration: Urban developing modelling in Veneto piedmont region (Conspace, Interreg, 2005), Veneto regional administration, Strategic Environmental Assessment implementation in Conspace area, (Interreg, 2006), Greta Associati, SEA of the crossboundary program Italy Slovenia (2007). Preparation and submission to Italy-Slovenia Interreg IV Programme of a Project proposal “ICT technologies for sharing knowledge in the domain of Civil protection”.



In Developing Countries:

2006 - 8 On behalf of UNA Consortium and UN-Habitat, Capacity Building in the Somalia Urban Development Program. Hargeisa in Digital Maps (Report),

2007 -  On behalf of Africa 70 and EC Somalia Unit, Nairobi, Evaluation And Project Review Report: Rehabilitation and Improvement of Hargeisa Water Supply System, Somaliland.

2003 -   On behalf of Africa’70 and EC Somalia Unit, Nairobi, Evaluation And Project Review Report: Strengthening the Capacities of Service Delivery of the Municipality of Bosaso,

2001 -   On behalf of UN-HABITAT responsible for Settlement and Housing Survey in North Iraq.

2000 -   On behalf of UN-HABITAT: responsible for the IDP Survey in North Iraq.

1995 -   Summer course offered by IUAV on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs  to regional officers in Makalle (Ethiopia) on: "Land Information System and Urban Management.

1993-4   has worked art several education projects either in Makalle (Ethiopia) or in Ile-Ife (Nigeria)

1988 -    research commissioned by the Istituto Italo-Africano (Rome) on “Perspectives of Urban/rural Development in Secondary Towns in Ethiopia”. Results presented at the international conference on “Cooperation in the ‘90”,  3 April 1989, Rome.




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Language skills:

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Compuer skills:

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Membership of Professional Bodies:

From 1990 to 1998 used to be member of several national and international GIS groups and associations. Permanent member of the Research Institute of Slovenian Studies (Trieste). Member of National Association of Planners.