Italian (Italy)English (United Kingdom)


Professional skills:

- Land and housing policy;

- Analytical support to urban/regional planning and management;

- Social analysis through sample questionnaires and census data;

- Monitoring system development for housing, social needs and sustainable development;

- Geographic Information Systems design and modeling;

- Spot, Landsat Quickbird images processing (resampling, classification, filtering, segmentation);

- Land suitability evaluation through map algebra methods and decision support modeling;

- Gis projects evaluation (cost/benefit);

- Semantic-Gis design and implementation;

- Project evaluation and monitoring according to PCM principles;

- Strategic Environmental Assessment of planning tools (see;

- Design and management of European projects.


Computer skills:
Gis packages ( MapInfo, ArchView, Idrisi32, Cartalinx, ENVI, Arcinfo), Statistical packages (Spss,  ADDATI, Adapix, multivariate analysis and classification), Dadabase (Microsoft Access), Video editing software (Premier 6.5, Videowave, VideoStudio, Easy media creator).
Linguistic skills:
Language Speking Reading Writing
Italian 5 5 5
English 5 5 4-5
Slovenian 5 5 5
French 2 5 1
Croatian 2 4 1